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Our lab mission?In Illinois and BeyondWoodchip Bioreactors

Our lab mission?

To keep farmers doing what they do best, while keeping our water clean.

In Illinois and Beyond

We collaborate with others across the US and world on water quality issues.

Woodchip Bioreactors

We develop edge-of-field solutions for cleaning water that fit with on-farm production goals.


I-DROP Research

I-DROP does research at multiple scales and with a variety of partners to stay at the leading-edge of water quality nutrient research, but more importantly, to ensure we remain focused on developing and communicating realistic solutions that matter.

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Field Day_DS Farm Illinois

I-DROP Impact

The artificial subsurface drainage systems that underpin the extraordinary agricultural productivity in the upper Mississippi River Basin are also a major contributing pathway for nutrients causing the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone, one of our nation’s most pressing water concerns.

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