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I-DROP Alumni


IMG_4014MaryRose Sheldon is a 2017 graduate of the University of Maryland-College Park with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy, concentrating in Marine and Coastal Management. MaryRose worked with I-DROP during her internship with Dr. Karelyn Cruz at USDA NIFA (Summer 2017) to help explain and visualize the complexities of cChristianson-Lab (65 of 187)_croppedonservation practice adoption across the Mississippi River Basin as a part of our Walton Family Foundation project.

Shiyang Li was a visiting scholar studying advanced denitrifying bioreactor designs for I-DROP with both lab- and field-scale studies. Shiyang has since moved on to a faculty position in China.



Christianson-Lab (102 of 187)_resizeJack Mrozek began his role as I-DROP’s field research technician in May 2017 immediately after completing his Bachelor of Science in Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois. Jack has since moved on to working at a vineyard in Napa Valley, California.

Christianson-Lab (5 of 187)_croppedAllan Hertzberger began a Master of Science specializing in Environmental Science in the Department of Crop Sciences in May 2016 and graduated in May 2018. Allan led the “Dissolving uncertainty: A comprehensive evaluation of dissolved P in tile drainage” project. He has since moved on to PhD studies in Dr. Andrew Margenot’s lab.

Teresa Tinta was a USDA NIFA intern through the HACU program (Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities) who had recently graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Science in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Teresa originally hails from Peru. As part of her USDA NIFA internship, Teresa worked with I-DROP and the SERA 46 multi-state committee to help spatially represent trends across the Mississippi River Basin.

 Ariel Roh, a junior studying for a Bachelor of Science in Crop Sciences, joined in the lab in February 2018.

Patricia_IDROP lab

 Patricia Leon is interned with the I-DROP lab during summer 2018 as a part of the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) and the Wildlife Engineers Co-managing Agriculture and Nature (WE CAN) program.

Corey Davidson was a part of the I-DROP team from August-December 2018 studying for a M.S. in Agricultural and Bio Engineering.Christianson-Lab (172 of 187)_resize

Hannah Dougherty graduated with a Master of Science in the Crop Sciences Department in December 2018 with the thesis: “Hydraulic evaluation of a denitrifying bioreactor with baffles”. Hannah has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study denitrifying bioreactors in New Zealand after her graduation.



Brian DiDonato worked with the lab from May 2018 to May 2019 after completing his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Illinois. He now works as an engineer in North Carolina.

Daniel Hiatt_D Levy Larson UIUC_cropDaniel Hiatt was a Water Quality Specialist who worked with the group July 2016-October 2019.

Cameron McCoy worked with I-DROP during spring semester 2018 and is an undergraduate majoring in Crop Sciences with a minor in sustainability. He hails from the far south-side of Chicago. His research interests include soil quality, water quality, and the efficiency of sustainable agriculture. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in May of 2020.

Laura K_20190603 editsLaura Krueger is a senior in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Kansas State University. She worked with the I-DROP team on a research project as part of a summer internship program through the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) in 2019.Fernando Zucher_2019

Fernando Zucher started with the I-DROP team at the University of Illinois in April 2019 as a visiting scholar.



Guilherme lab_2Guilherme Rodrigues de Sousa started with the I-DROP team in 2019 as a visiting scholar. He primarily assisted with data collection at the Dudley Smith Farm near Pana, Illinois where the team is studying the agronomic and environmental impacts of cover crops and 4R nitrogen management on tile-drainage nitrate losses.

Ophtanie_2020God Ophtanie Jean joined IDROP in January 2020 as a visiting intern from Zamorano University.

intern snapshot_2

 Christine Lepine completed her Master of Science’s degree in the online Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES) program at the UIUC in May 2020 and continues employment with The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute.

Ana_Monmouth_1_Crop2Ana Paula Sanchez Bustamante Bailon joined the I-DROP team at the University of Illinois as a visiting scholar in January 2018 after completing her B. S. in Environmental Science and Development from the Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School in Honduras. Ana graduated in August 2020.

Mary Foltz started working with the I-DROP team in July 2018 and is advised by Dr. Julie Zilles and Dr. Jeremy Guest. She received received an Illinois Water Resources Center grant with Dr. L. Christianson.



Giovani Preza Fontes started in the lab in May 2017, and was co-advised by Dr. Cameron Pittelkow (UC Davis). His PhD (May 2021) research is focused on evaluating the agronomic and environmental impacts of cover crops and 4R nitrogen management on tile-drainage nitrate losses and soil nitrous oxide emissions in a continuous corn cropping system. Dr. Preza Fontes is now a post doc at Purdue University.

Charles_IDROP fieldCharles Dochoff was an undergraduate in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering program at the University of Illinois who joined I-DROP during summer 2018. He assisted with lab and field activities, as well as creating custom CAD images to better communicate our work.201909_Gabe Johnson_Ksat testing_2

Gabe Johnson, EIT, graduated with a M.S. in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering in summer 2021 and is now pursuing a PhD at Iowa State University. Gabe’s thesis work focused on parameterizing physical properties of woodchips used in denitrifying bioreactors with the goal of improving bioreactor design and performance.