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Archived Projects

Meta-analyses on Fertilizer Management – Results and Recommendations

This work summarized the critical data gaps found by the 4R Research Fund-supported meta-analysis teams and provided recommendations for field researchers to aid future data synthesis efforts. The publication from this project can be found using the citation: Eagle, A., R. Cook, L. Christianson, D. Harmel, F. Miguez, S. Qian, D. Diaz. 2017. Meta-analysis constrained by data: Recommendations to improve relevance of nutrient management research. Agronomy Journal 109(6):2441-2449. OPEN ACCESS

Funding Partner: The 4Rs Research Fund
Lead PI: Dr. Alison Eagle, Duke University
Collaborators: Dr. Rachel Cook, NCSU; Dr. Daren Harmel, USDA ARS; Dr. Fernando Miguez, Iowa State University (L. Christianson, IDROP Co-PI)