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Archived Projects

Meta-analyses on Fertilizer Management – Results and Recommendations

This work summarized the critical data gaps found by the 4R Research Fund-supported meta-analysis teams and provided recommendations for field researchers to aid future data synthesis efforts. The publication from this project can be found using the citation: Eagle, A., R. Cook, L. Christianson, D. Harmel, F. Miguez, S. Qian, D. Diaz. 2017. Meta-analysis constrained by data: Recommendations to improve relevance of nutrient management research. Agronomy Journal 109(6):2441-2449. OPEN ACCESS

Funding Partner: The 4Rs Research Fund
Lead PI: Dr. Alison Eagle, Duke University
Collaborators: Dr. Rachel Cook, NCSU; Dr. Daren Harmel, USDA ARS; Dr. Fernando Miguez, Iowa State University (L. Christianson, IDROP Co-PI)


Enhanced Denitrification Technologies for the Delmarva Peninsula

08_01_Initial gravel placement (93)Woodchip denitrifying bioreactors have gained much attention and acceptance over the past decade for treatment of nitrate in subsurface tile drainage. There may be the potential for such enhanced denitrification systems to have wider applicability by, for example, rethinking the carbon source or retrofitting the design to provide treatment of drainage in agricultural ditches. This project developed and evaluated a variety of novel bioreactor designs for the Delmarva Peninsula.

Funding Partner: USDA NRCS Consevation Innovation Grant
Lead PI: Dr. Zach Easton, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
Collaborators: Drs. Peter Kleinman and  Ray Bryant, USDA ARS; Dr. Arthur Allen, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; L. Christianson, UIUC

Access the publication here: Christianson, L., A. Collick, R. Bryant, T. Rosen, E. Bock, A. Allen, P. Kleinman, E. May, and Z. Easton. 2017. Enhanced denitrification bioreactors hold promise for Mid-Atlantic ditch drainage. & Envir. Letters 2:170032. doi: 10.2134/ael2017.09.0032.